Design Services

Stuart Lawrence Design is a full-service interior design firm. For almost 20 years I have been working with clients and making their spaces beautiful. We do everything from concept to a fully realized rooms. From classic to modern, we love to make your space reflect your personal style.

The world of interior design can sometimes seem a little intimidating or difficult to navigate. Most of the people we work with are “first time” clients so we find ourselves walking them through the process. What we all really want at the end of the day is for our spaces to look amazing. With that in mind, let’s break the process down.

2-3 hours, $125 an hour

After our initial phone conversation, you and I meet on the site of the space you want to realize. This meeting takes around 2 hours.

During this time I gather informa-tion about what you’d like to see in the space and how you would like it to function. Crucially, I get to see your style and get a feel for you and the way you live. If this is where you want to end the process then I make sure to leave you with some concrete ideas about layout and the pieces you’ll need.

6-8 hours, $125 an hour

At this point I take all the input I’ve received from you (plus a lot of pictures and measurements) and go about putting together a design concept for you. I pull samples and specify pieces that I feel will make the space truly yours. Once I’ve collected all the beautiful things, we have another onsite consult and go over every-thing. If you like the concept and want to make it happen on your own, you have a great working plan to start with. You simply pay for the time offsite and then for the consult.

flat rate based on budget

First thing we do at this point is determine a budget that includes a flat rate for the rest of my services. This stage is the longest and most detailed. You and I will be in contact going over all the large pieces and any adjustments that need to be made. Then when everything is ready, me and my time arrive and have the furnishings installed and styled according to the vision. The only thing left to do is enjoy your space!


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  • Provide a link to an inspirational Pinterest board that best reflects your vision for your home/space.