I know we’ve all been cooped up for a couple of months now, but the sun is out and it’s getting a little warmer and my thoughts are going to summer. Here are a couple of things I’ve been liking as I’ve been dreaming…


You really just can’t beat Target when it comes to style and outdoor. I have a lot of sources for outdoor furniture and to be honest, they’re not cheap. What I love about Target’s pieces is that their prices and quality are great–but it’s the design. They seem to be right on point with colors and looks. You could pay a lot more, but why? I absolutely love this bench. I would use it even inside if a client would let me. I guess it’s the perfect mashup of a traditional Windsor style back and clean mid century lines. The Windsor Bench sells for $110 but is often on sale. Next to it you can see the “Marled Outdoor Pouf” from their Project 62 collection. It’s normally only $70, but as of this writing it’s on sale for $56! By the way, all the major retailers put their outdoor on sale so that it’s sold out by July 4th weekend. It’s good to pick out what you want now and catch that first sale before they’re gone. But back to poufs–they are perfect for outdoor. Instead of a traditional ottoman, they’re more relaxed and add to that more casual feel. Plus they’re so easy to move around to wherever you need them!

rugs and pillows

It may be close to summer and we’re thinking of outdoors, but let’s not forget our spaces inside as well. I have to tell you about a new pillow source I’ve found at busadesigns.com! I recently purchased two pillows from them for a client and I fell in love. You’ll have to go online to check out all their designs including the one above–the Jepara. The texture and color is spot on and it makes such a great impact with little effort. The price for the pillow cover is under $60 but keep in mind that you’ll need your own insert to make it come to life.

Another item I keep going back to time and time again is a colorful rug. This doesn’t mean lots of different colors, but something that is saturated with color. With so many interiors going lighter, I find a rug to be a great way to set them off. Think of it like your dark hardwoods–it’s an additional dark texture that plays off the lighter upholstery and drapery. This rug is a great example. Now I know Joanna doesn’t need any help from me, but this is the Deven rug from Magnolia.com and the 8×10 is under $600! This new technology actually prints the design on the base of the polyester rug. I know it doesn’t sound luxurious but it looks amazing. I’ve been placing them in homes with very expensive furniture and they look great. I love all the faded colors and what it does for the room. Now if this is just too much color then…

I know a rug with faded pink may not be your thing so here’s a rug that keeps thing neutral, light but not boring. The Beacon Collection is primarily made of jute with a little of cotton, polyester and viscose mixed in. I can’t promise that it will feel the most cushy on your bare feet, but it will elevate any space it’s in. I can see it mixing with off white upholstery and also going with stronger leather and black pieces. I found the 8×10 on sale at rugsdirect.com for under $800. Now make sure and get a good pad for underneath to protect the life of the rug and also help keep it stable. Jute has a way of stretching out of shape over time.


This sconce comes in a single as well but what I’m loving about it is that it’s double the light. I always love a wall sconce by a bed because it really directs the right to where you’re reading. I love having the two lamps on one so that you can have directional light in different directions. Now about the picture on the right, I’m not sure why a grown woman would have matching twin beds in a room, but imagine a little reading chair nestled by the bed. You could direct one light to the bed and another over the chair–bonus!

I just keep looking at these rattan shades all over instagram and I love them so much. They take up a lot of negative space in the room yet they feel so airy and light. I can’t imagine they give much light, but they are gorgeous. This is the Headlands Pendant from serenaandlily.com and it comes in various sizes and prices. If you look at the feature photograph at the beginning of the blog you can see how fabulous they look hung together!

wall decor

I’m starting to see these kind of pieces everywhere. I love a circle when it comes to wall decor because so much in a room is either square or rectangle. The round lines just soften a space and make a great focal point. The piece on the left is from Pottery Barn and it’s the Woven Wheel art. The piece measures at 48″ in diameter which makes it a stand alone piece in any room. I do love it above a bed. It’s made from a metal frame and then woven in willow. The price is $349 which is not bad for something so large, but as I said, the look is getting around to other stores. Now I know it’s not the best photograph, but the flared square wall decor really looks great in person. I know it’s a little smaller (26″ diameter) and it’s made from metal and roping, but the look is so good and for only $39.99 (when you go to the store on the right week) you just might forgive their photographer! I did find a larger one there, but it’s out of stock online. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this kind of wall decor. It adds texture without introducing a lot of pattern and color.

wrap up

so there are some of my finds for June. Hope you enjoy some beautiful time outdoors, but don’t forget to do that little refresh indoors as well!